About Cedar & Hemlock:   

           We are Cedar & Hemlock a Photography Collective based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Patrick Estebar and Roland Guballa, this collaboration started out as a brain storming of like-minded individuals who wanted an outlet for their creative work. Since then we have been meeting amazing people and eventually branched out to different fields of photography. Now we mainly do Lifestyle photography including Weddings, Family portraiture and Artist Portraits and Headshots. 

                In addition Yuchi, our in-house florist can accomodate all the bride and groom floral needs! 



What's your style?

          We are creative storytellers. We aim to capture your special day in a very authentic way. We do this by capturing candid moments and by blending in with the crowd. In certain moments we do direct and pose couples in a very flattering and natural way. As creatives we always look for different perspectives to make the photos unique and beautiful. We will go the extra mile for a great photograph.

What does your coverage include?

         The entire experience is covered by 2 photographers, from getting ready, ceremony, reception and the dance party.

How many images will we receive?

         Our goal is to capture the story of your special day. As photographers we want to deliver the best work and emphasize quality over quantity. That being said our couples usually receives 500-1000 images depending on the planned day.

When will we receive our photographs?

      Our obligation with our couples go beyond your special day. It generally takes 8 to 12 weeks to edit and produce great photographs of your most memorable day.